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  • John Zevos started playing music with Charlie Windhausen in 1978. They played whenever they could around the Manchester, NH area, and then in 1979, they both made the big move out west. After a three month stay in Flagstaff, Arizona, they finally settled down for a two year stay in San Diego, California. In 1981, Diane joined up, and even though Lichen still wasn't formed, the three original members were playing together. After the unexpected death of John Zevos' father in August of 1981, John came back to Manchester to stay. Even though he couldn't ask them to move back, John was thrilled when by the end of the year, Diane and Charlie were back home in NH, and the music making continued.

    Lichen was formed in December of 1981, and the original line-up was John's cousin Pete Nizza on drums and vocals, Diane on keyboard, banjo, and vocals, Charlie on bass and vocals, and John on guitar, mandolin, and vocals. The line-up has changed a bit over the years, but one thing has been constant throughout---they have always gotten by with a little help from their friends. Lichen had a lot of weekly gigs over the years (The Circuit, Belisle's Musicians Club, The Casbah, La Cantina, O'Donnell's, The Stage Door), and it's the people that came week after week that made this all possible.

    The current line-up features Bill McLaughlin on drums, Charlie Windhausen on bass and vocals, Diane Zevos on keyboard and vocals, and John Zevos on guitar, mandolin, and vocals.

    Lichen hopes that you enjoy their gigs as much as they like playing them. Remember, as Jed Clampett used to say,